So I was cleaning out my car the other day and I came across this in the backseat:

My first thought was: “Aw, how sweet, my daughter’s journaling how much she loves her family!”

And then I opened it…

Sad, right??? I could practically hear Cat’s in the Cradle playing in the background.

(NOTE: My daughter has a habit of drawing when she’s angry…I think she’s a tortured artist in the making!)

My favorite part: The alphabetized laptop keys. Wait! Is it bad that I have a favorite part???

Seriously, I get it. There’s no excuse for ignoring my kids, but in my defense (lame justification to follow) I’ve been working under a tough deadline. All day, every day. My friends think I hate them because I don’t answer the phone or respond to their emails. My house is a mess because my husband performs “guy cleaning” which we all know just isn’t the same as real cleaning. And now, to top it all off, apparently I’ve said “just a minute” or “maybe later” one too many times to my nine-year-old.

So yeah, I owe her big time. When I told her I was planning a Mommy-Daughter day of shopping, lunch, and extra ice cream for dessert, she loved the idea!

Does she really need to know that we do this every year, it’s called back-to-school shopping? Don’t you dare tell her!


Candyland said…
Awww my heart just broke. I say those things to my 3 yo sometimes and I'm sure if she could draw, it'd be something like that. And I don't have your deadlines so basically I just suck!!!
Actually, I like the alphabetized keys too... and laughed at the last part. But, awww =(

Also, clearly you shouldn't be cleaning because then you find things like this.
Kristi Faith said…
LOL Remember that her world is a lot smaller. :) My kids guilted me into treats one time when I first started this writing gig....then they immediately used it as a manipulation tool. LOL
Larissa said…
Awww! :) Sadly, I don't even have the excuse of a deadline...
Tam said…
LOL - back to school shopping! My lips are sealed. I got your back.
Gertie said…
Just blame it on your editor. :)

P.S. When she's older, she'll just remember how cool it is that her mom's a novelist.
Laura Marcella said…
I agree with Gertie. When she's older (and an artist herself!) she'll understand and will know everything you do is super awesome.

Meanwhile, shopping and ice cream is a terrific idea!
kermit4110 said…
I know how your little girl feels. I was the same way when I was little. I would run boring errands or go grocery shopping with my mom just so I could have alone time with her. When my parents divorced, my mom starting working 40 hours a week. I was 14, but my little sister was only 8. I became the one to spend time with my little sister (watch tv, play games, dinner, bath, & bedtime). As soon as I got my license, me and her would go shopping and out to eat at least once a week. My mom was on a budget, but we learned to eat and shop cheap. The dollar store was our favorite. The best way to spend time with her is to take her on your errands (if she likes that), or set aside 1 day a week or even just 1 a month and have a mother daughter day. She will look forward to those days and not be as irritated when you are working all the time. Deadlines are important, but family is more important!!!
Tere Kirkland said…
Awww, she even wrote the Body Finder on it. That's my favorite part.

It's good that you're having a mommy/daughter day!
Is it so wrong that I'm giggling a bit - especially at your "cat's in the cradle" reference.

I believe your work ethic and success are life lessons your children will carry with them longer than their momentary pouting.
Candy, Kristi, and Larissa - It's called mom-guilt, I think we just have to get used to it.

Kermit - You're absolutely right, she definitely comes first :)

Gertie, Laura, and Alison - So I'll just keep telling myself I'm setting a good example...

And Kari - I'm telling my husband you said I shouldn't clean anymore. Thx!

Tere - I also like the ginormous cursor arrow on the screen...and the super-angry drawing.

Tam - You always have my back, don't you???
Maybe it's weird, but that family book is just too cute. And I know the "guy" cleaning all too well. My hubby performs the same kind. I hope you and your daughter have a fabulous day together!

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