Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whew! That's A Lot Of Stuff...

I feel like all I talk about lately is “book stuff”.

Well, it is. I can’t help it. I mean, just look at that countdown clock…how am I supposed to think about anything else?

So I thought I’d do a quick round-up post, to get all my jumbled thoughts in order (and to let you know that I am doing OTHER THINGS too):

1) I spent nearly half an hour this morning surfing the interwebz in search of the best place to buy Nerds gumballs. I found these: 20 pounds of gumbally-goodness (that’s 850 pieces, you guys!) for just $59. True story.

2) I bought a NOOK Color this weekend to give away at my Mega Epic Launch Party!!!! I know, right? One lucky winner is gonna walk away with the coolest gift basket ever. I really hope it’s me!!!

(Note: I’m not eligible to win.)

(Second note: That first note totally sucks.)

3) While I was buying the NOOK, I did this:

It's Cassandra Clare. I had to.

4) I’m working to update my EVENTS PAGE (see sidebar), but I’m adding events faster than I can keep up. In the next few weeks we have: The Mega Epic Launch; For the Love of Reading Library Panel in Sumner, WA; a SIGNING in Portland, OR; and then the HUGE HUGE HUGE HarperTeen Dark Days of Winter Tour! There are also awesome things afoot at RT in Los Angeles that I will post about later!!!

5) Speaking of HarperTeen, they asked me to do a quick video “introducing Desires of the Dead”. Unfortunately for them, they gave me very few instructions, which meant I was free to be a total dork (which I was). Check out the results of me, a camera, too much caffeine, and too little sleep:

6) For those of you following the ECHOES OF THE DEAD Contest, tomorrow is the last day to enter. I lovelovelove your entries…and you’ve definitely helped me beef up my working list, so THANK YOU!!! Some of your echoes have already been used in DESIRES (I won’t say which ones, since that’s spoilery).

(Note: Used echoes are not disqualified echoes, it just means that great-minds-think-alike!)

Here are just a few that made me stop and go OOOH!:

Papercuts (I cringed when I read this one.)

The tinkling of a music box (I think this could be a great quasi-creepy echo. Or maybe it’s just me that’s creeped out by that sound.)

Lip/eye twitching (posted on Goodreads) (This one would be crazy-annoying!)

Seriously, keep ‘em coming. You guys are SO creative!!!!

7) And, lastly, the B&N in Federal Way, WA is currently taking phone orders for signed copies of Desires of the Dead and The Body Finder. Don’t miss your chance to pre-order them before the launch party! Did I mention it’s gonna be MEGA EPIC?!?!?

REALLY? The only non-book thing I did was search for gumballs???

I need to get a life.


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

I know! I need to get my hands on your books! Can't wait!

(PS. you DO have several copies there....hint hint hint =)

Diane J. said...

Seriously, how did I not hear about the reading event in Sumner? My kids are falling behind keeping me updated on happenings. Sheesh!

Can't wait for the book launch, I'll be there amidst the mass crowd. Do I get extra entries for the spiffy gift baskets? Um, let's see, my kids um, hmmm, No? Dang. I'll be there.

Candyland said...

You're. Awesome.

Looksie Lovitz said...

Dude. Nerd Gumballs = amazing. Lol. And I like you bookshelf from your video. Some great reads up there. :D

Kristina said...

I wish I could go to the mega epic launch party, damn work!

At least I get to go to the 26th event :) The day after my birthday

Little Ms J said...

You are so funny with your book shelf of randomly selected titles! I love it!

Kimberly Derting said...

Diane - Does that mean you might come to the library event too?!?!

Kristina - So glad you're able to make it that day...can't wait to see you again!

Kathryn, Looksie, and LMJ - That's what they get for not being more specific, like "Don't do anything stupid or cheesy."

Candyland - Just doing my part. ;)

Heidi Willis said...

It should be all book right now. :)

I so wish I could be there. Maybe I should have Karma buy a book for me so I could enter for that Nook. I need to see if I still have that fairy dust on me. :)

Diane J. said...

Oh yeah, I'm going to the library event, too. AND, (I'm crossing my fingers) my sister and her daughter may be coming out from Idaho the weekend of the Mega Launch. My niece is a voracious reader, so I think she would be thrilled to see the Mega Launch (I love saying that).

Have a great day!