It's Like A Clip Show...

You know when TV shows get too lazy to put together something new so they piece together old episodes into a clip show? Yeah, well, this is kind of like that...

I've gone back...way, WAY back...digging into the archives to put together a list of some of my favorite posts about my family. Most of these posts were from before before I could officially announce my book deal, so all I had to talk about were my husband and kids. Thankfully, they provide plenty of comic material:

1) TOO FUNNY NOT TO SHARE...(not for those with a weak stomach): My daughter's attempt to humiliate me into seeing things *her* way!

2) Comb-Over, Depends, and Other Cool Grown-Up Things: Yet another gem by my daughter, in which she reminds me I'm no spring chicken anymore.

3) Out Of The Mouths Of Teens: I realize my son is seriously lacking some real-world skills.

4) Mr. Fix-It: Husbands try, don't they???

5) Overheard At My House: In which we all pretty much take one for the team.

6) FAKING IT: This time it's just me...and the joys of motherhood.

This post may be my "Jumping the Shark" moment, but frankly, I'm in re-run mode right now. Besides, I kinda liked my little trip down memory lane...


Lisa and Laura said…
Oh my gosh, "Too Funny Not to Share" might be my favorite post of all time. Those pictures are freaking hilarious.

And for the record, I still think about "Faking It" all the time. To console myself for not being the kind of mom that wears sparkly Halloween sweaters.

It helps. Seriously.

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