Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Like A Clip Show...

You know when TV shows get too lazy to put together something new so they piece together old episodes into a clip show? Yeah, well, this is kind of like that...

I've gone back...way, WAY back...digging into the archives to put together a list of some of my favorite posts about my family. Most of these posts were from before before I could officially announce my book deal, so all I had to talk about were my husband and kids. Thankfully, they provide plenty of comic material:

1) TOO FUNNY NOT TO SHARE...(not for those with a weak stomach): My daughter's attempt to humiliate me into seeing things *her* way!

2) Comb-Over, Depends, and Other Cool Grown-Up Things: Yet another gem by my daughter, in which she reminds me I'm no spring chicken anymore.

3) Out Of The Mouths Of Teens: I realize my son is seriously lacking some real-world skills.

4) Mr. Fix-It: Husbands try, don't they???

5) Overheard At My House: In which we all pretty much take one for the team.

6) FAKING IT: This time it's just me...and the joys of motherhood.

This post may be my "Jumping the Shark" moment, but frankly, I'm in re-run mode right now. Besides, I kinda liked my little trip down memory lane...

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Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, "Too Funny Not to Share" might be my favorite post of all time. Those pictures are freaking hilarious.

And for the record, I still think about "Faking It" all the time. To console myself for not being the kind of mom that wears sparkly Halloween sweaters.

It helps. Seriously.